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Gorgeous Fall picture from Waffle's family!

Waffle is an absolute joy! He is so good with our 19 month old son. They are the best of friends already! - Amber

Take your dog to work!!

I sent a few families to your website! They were at our vets office and were so impressed with Parker's temperament and loved his disposition. They couldn't believe how calm and well behaved he was at 4 months old. 😉
He is doing so well. He listens and knows what he can and cant do. We have been camping with him 2 times now and he was perfect. He is 99% potty trained. Uses bells and go right to door when he has to go out. We started walking on the leash a few weeks ago, without instruction, he walks perfectly! I cant tell you how much joy this boy has brought into our lives. He has really been the perfect boy! 
Thanks again! Hope you and Pat are doing well! Here's a picture of Parker at work and one after his first grooming. Aww, we just love this little dood!  - Samantha

Allison's 2 pups. Both are Beyond Bliss Doodles!

🐾💞Best friends! Both are Beyond Bliss Doodles! Thank you Allison for the update and pic!! 

From Raj Kundi. Luna at 2 years old.

Ref: Nancy @ Beyond Bliss Doodles.

Leo at 3 years old from Stephanie R.

Nancy and Pat!
Three and half and he is just absolutely amazing! Best thing to ever happen to us! Never stop breeding because no one makes dogs so awesome like you guys do! Can’t wait to get another! - Stephanie 🐾💞

Henley at 1 year old from Laura and Alex

Hi Pat and Nancy,

We hope all is well! Wanted to take a minute to send some new pictures of Henley who is 1 today! We cannot thank you enough for our sweet, cuddly, and lovable little guy. We get stopped everywhere we go by people who are so impressed by him and his temperament. He’s the best little traveler and loves nothing more than being with his family. We love him so much! -Laura and Alex