What do I need to get to prepare for my new puppy

What do I need to get to prepare for my new puppy?

  • For home: Shopping for your new puppy is SO exciting! You'll need to get a food and water bowl, an appropriate sized crate,  a brush and puppy shampoo, food and treats, a leash and (size small) collar (8-12") or small size harness, approved chew toys and a crate bed (optional). We also use bath towels for a crate bed, as they are easily washable.
  • In order to break up the trip, most families travel to our area (and stay overnight in a hotel) the evening before the puppies go home date. They then pick up their new puppy the next morning and travel back home.
  • For the go home day, you'll need to bring:  A small travel crate for your car (if you don't plan on holding them on your lap), you'll also need a travel crate if flying in to meet us to pick up your puppy. If  your puppy will be flying back in cabin with you, check with the airlines on what size/type travel crate is acceptable.  The same one that you will use on the plane might work fine for your hotel too!  A flavored nylabone chew toy.  For less anxiety and comforting smells, the snuggle puppy that you purchase from us should go in their crate and a few toys. You'll need a small food and water bowl, leash, small collar (8-12") and a couple of bath towels (for your lap in the car in case of car sickness or for the crate for them to sleep on). We always take paper towels, a package of baby wipes for clean ups, and plastic grocery bags to throw soiled paper towels or garbage in, on all trips with our puppies.


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