Health Insurance For Your Puppy

Health Insurance For Your Puppy

New puppy owners from Beyond Bliss Doodles will receive a special 30 days free trial offer for pet insurance offer from Trupanion. There is NO obligation to continue with Trupanion after the initial 30 days. There is an online form (or phone number) with our breeder code that the buyer will need to contact to enroll within 24 hours of you getting your puppy (24 hour before or 24 hours after).

Coverage is effective immediately (there's no wait periods). It covers any new illnesses or injuries, should an unexpected event occur with no payout limits for the life of your pet! Breeders are not compensated for providing this offer. **New York residents offer waives waiting periods and requires paid enrollment. For average chosen deductibles, the premium would range from $43 to $74 a month in our area in NY (most people average around $43 a month), but NJ, NYC, and CT can be around $90 a month, depending on which plan you choose. The potential savings on your vet bills can be ASTRONOMICAL!  We highly recommend that you enroll your new puppy for at least for the first 30 days when new puppies are most prone to accidental injury or new illnesses.

Why we highly recommend: Believe me, unexpected events can happen! An owner that us that their puppy chewed an electrical cord causing a bowel obstruction. The surgical costs totaled $4,305 and was thankfully covered by Trupanion. Another one of our puppy families told us that their new puppy was attacked by their family’s older dog. The costs for emergency medical care and emergency surgery needed to save their puppy totaled $10,419 and it was also covered by Trupanion.

 A spay or neuter procedure will cost about $300 from our vet upstate, but can cost 2-3 times as much if you live in some urban areas. We have discovered that an eye surgery that would have cost $400 in our area of NYS, cost one owner almost $2,000 in NYC. 

Coverage takes place immediately, there’s no waiting period and no payout limits for the life of your pet. 

Offer EXPIRES 24 HOURS AFTER your pet goes home! Get coverage in place now to ensure peace of mind!

 Call 855.266.2156 (Available 24/7) OR activate online 

NY residents use code:  Breeder code will be supplied before the go home day. 

Non-NY residents use code:  Breeder code will be supplied before the go home day

  Waived waiting periods! – Your pet’s medical insurance will begin right away!

 No upfront payments* - You don’t need to provide payment until or if you’re ready to continue coverage. (*excludes NY residents: Inquire details)

 No payout limits for the life of your pet! 

Please inquire with Trupanion directly with any questions. Call 855.266.2156 (Available 24/7)