How To Apply

 How To Apply For A Puppy

1. Please start by completing a puppy application.

We will review your application and get back to you within 2-3 days. After acceptance, we will email you back.

2. Once we have confirmed pregnancy, we let you know. In order to reserve a spot on the list, you'll need to submit a reservation fee by PayPal for $515, using our email address,(, or by sending a check made out to Patrick OConnor for $500, and mail it to PO Box 391, Evans Mills, NY 13637. Puppies are reserved in the order of reservation fees received.

3. The E-sign Guarantee and Contract is required to be submitted at the time of your reservation fee, this will be sent to you when required. 

Please do not submit a reservation fee without checking with us first. We cannot accept reservation fees on wait-lists that are already full. 

The reservation fee is NOT refundable if there is a puppy available and the buyer changes their mind or for any other reason at any other time. When it's time to select your puppy, if you do not find a suitable puppy, your reservation fee can only be moved forward to another litter in our next available opening on the in-line reservation list. Once the puppies are born, if the gender you chose is available, your choice of gender cannot be changed, unless one is available after the reservation list is fulfilled. If the gender that you prefer is not available, you will have the option of choosing the other gender or moving your reservation fee forward to the next available litter opening. If there are not enough puppies born in the litter list that your name is on, you'll have the option of moving your reservation fee forward to the next available litter/opening or receiving you reservation back. The buyer has the right to contact the breeder PRIOR to the birth of the puppies, to change their choice of gender. Should the sale be terminated by the Breeder, your reservation fee will be returned to you.

Mother Nature is ultimately in charge, so we can never guarantee due date, number of puppies or genders but we can give you our best guess on estimated due date, go home times, colors and litter size. However, we generally cannot tell you in advance specifically which girl will be the mom as Mother Nature oversees exactly which girls go into heat and when they go into heat. The only thing you can count on with the timing on heat cycles is that you can't count on the timing on heat cycles!