How To Apply

How To Apply For A Puppy

Please start by completing a puppy application. We will review your application and get back to you within 2-3 days. After acceptance, we will email you back.

Once accepted, the second step is to send a deposit and complete your information on the E-sign Guarantee and submit it. The Guarantee is required to be submitted at the same time as your deposit. We will return a copy of the Guarantee to you that you will reply back to, stating that you acknowledge receipt of our copy.

Please do not submit a deposit without checking with us first. We cannot accept deposits on wait-lists that are already full and you will lose the 3.5% service fee when we refund your money. Puppy deposits can be made by using PayPal $258.00 (preferred method), using our email address  or by sending a personal check for $250.00 to Beyond Bliss Doodles, PO Box 391, Evans Mills, NY 13637.