Goldendoodle Coat Types

Shedding and Allergies Explained:  Here's an article I recommend about how important testing is when it comes to allergies hypoallergenic-marketing-scheme-or-truth, written by Ashton Kent. 

Goldendoodle coat types come in three different varieties: Wavy, Curly, and Straight.  The most consistent indicator of a Goldendoodle's coat type is the amount of poodle in its parental lineage.  The more poodle, the more curlier (and non-shedding) the Goldendoodle's coat will be. A Goldendoodle's coat type may also change as they mature, so be careful if choosing a puppy based on their apparent coat type and ask for the breeder's guidance. A long time, experienced breeder will be able to tell you the puppy's coat type.

Wavy / Shaggy

The wavy or shaggy coat is the most common Goldendoodle coat type.  It occurs in all types of Goldendoodle generations, even F1b's and mulitgens, and is fairly easy to maintain.  It requires brushing at least once a week, with more frequent brushing in high friction areas (like under the collar or around the ears).  The wavy/shaggy Goldendoodle coat type is usually low to non-shedding, but not always (particularly among F1 generation Goldendoodles).

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The second most common Goldendoodle coat type is the curly coat, which is more common among F1b or mulitgen goldendoodles because of their poodle lineage.  The coat can be anything from a relaxed loose curl to a more curly coat. Most do not get as curly as a poodle.

This Goldendoodle coat type requires more frequent brushing, although it can be shaved down to create a maintenance free coat if the owner prefers. The curly Goldendoodle coat type is considered the most non-shedding and the most hypo-allergnic, especially when the Goldendoodle is an F1B generation, or a mulitgen where the breeder has tested coat types.

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The least common Goldendoodle coat type is the straight coat,which rarely occurs in F1b Goldendoodles, but is fairly common in F2 and F2b Goldendoodles.  Often referred to as the Golden Retriever coat, it's very easy to maintain and requires minimal brushing.   However, this Goldendoodle coat type does not produce the "teddy bear" look that Goldendoodles are renowned for displaying, nor will it produce a "beard" around the muzzle.  This Goldendoodle coat type usually produces moderate shedding.

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How to Tell the Difference

It is especially difficult to distinguish Goldendoodle coat types at the puppy stage, when all coat types look fairly similar. An experienced breeder will be able to tell you the each puppies coat type. However, the face and muzzle area can provide some indication of what the puppy's coat will look like as an adult.  Generally, the more crimps or waves a puppy has in it's face and muzzle hair, the curlier his or her coat will likely be.  A puppy with a smooth face and muzzle fur wtihout any waves or crimps will probably have a straight coat.