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We Hear Over & Over Again From Our Families

 "Thank You For Giving Our Puppy The Very Best Start In Life!"

Hi Nancy & Pat,

Thank you so much for our puppy Georgia. She was perfect the entire 5.5 hour drive home. She hasn't had a single accident and is very comfortable already.We're already in love and can't thank you enoough for raising her to be this loving and comfortable so early on. You are remarkable breeders! We will send more pictures. THANK YOU! - Kristen

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Yesterday was Guy's 2nd birthday! He is enjoying his role as a big brother and these two are already best friends! 🐶👶🏻 Wishing him and his littermates a happy birthday! - Tiina

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Hi Nancy and Pat! Just wanted to let you know that Trunks is doing great and seems to have adjusted well in his new home. He’s so playful and smart. Every day he gets better with going potty outside, and now he’s already learning “sit!” We absolutely love him - thank you so much! - Amanda

Hi Pat & Nancy!  We are on our way home and keep talking about what a wonderful girl Lexi is! We had Lexi join us on our annual trip to the Cape and not only did she love EVERY minute- playing with her new dog friends, the beach, and even her trip to the Brewster store- but we LOVED having her with us!!  What a great trip with our new puppy! - Donna

I wanted to write to update you on Wally (red collar boy- Molly/Moose litter).  We are so in love with this little guy.  I cannot explain how much he has already enriched our lives with his goofy personality.  Wally is so incredibly smart and already knows how to sit and lie down on command.  He enjoys snuggling with us and chasing his brother cats (Monzie & Alfie) in his free time.  I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you do, we really appreciate it and will keep in touch. - Jordan & Caleb

Nancy & Pat-I just wanted to extend my thanks again for everything. Winnie is absolutely perfect. She has had no anxiety and acts as if she's known us for years. She is such a cuddler! She is SO smart too. She's already aware that she should be going potty outside, and she loves her crate! She only whines when she has to go potty. She is such a good girl and we are so in love. She has also already been to the vet, who told us she clearly came from great breeders because she is in such good health. She's also such a social butterfly.

She is beautiful, has an amazing temperament, and is the absolute perfect addition to our little family. THANK YOU! ❤️ Kaelyn

Handsome Cody and his girls!


Nancy, I cannot thank you enough for our precious Dudley. He is so incredibly sweet, smart, and loving. At only 11 weeks he is pretty much housebroken (or at least far on his way) and knows many tricks! He is protective of his brothers and sister already...and always aims to please. He has been the perfect little addition to our family. People thought we were crazy to travel 6 hours for a puppy but I would do it again in a heartbeat. This is a picture of his first vet visit. The vet could not say enough good things about this breed and how smart and great family pets they are! I feel great about my decision in choosing a golden doodle for the family and to have you as the breeder. Their are definitely some great genes behind our Dudley. You made this the best experience we could have ever hoped for! Amy


A quick update. Boomer had his 12 week appt. Vet said he looked great!!! 22lbs and healthy:). He has done so well with his private training and just started puppy school. He has not had one accident since his first week home and sleeps through the night. He knows sit, high five, down and drop it. We are working on come.. Right now he only does it when he is in the mood.  He loves the baby pool and riding in our jeep with the top down.. As long as he is on our laps getting hugs.
Most importantly he is a loving, affectionate dog who is now a member of our family.
Will send an update again in a few weeks.
I hope your new puppies are doing well. Thinking they must be going home to their new families soon.
Best, Molly

This gorgeous girl, Miley, Lives in NJ with J-P and Marina.

She has such a great home:)

One of our  sweet Goldendoodle puppies  and his new little girl!

Nancy- Josh and I wanted to write and thank you for everything you did for us in the months leading up to getting Simba. Your professionalism and attention to detail was well noted during our time of planning & waiting for his arrival! To say that he has been the best addition to our lives would be an understatement. His goofy personality, caring heart and adorable face are just a few of the many reasons we love him. We would recommend you to anyone in search of a goldendoodle. We are very blessed to have him in our lives.

With much appreciation, Courtney & Josh

Good morning Nancy,

Bella is doing great.  So is so big now.  Weighs about 42 lbs.  She has been so much fun and a great addition to our family.  She is so smart and a very fast learner.  We just got back from a week vacation in Maine.  She loved the ocean.  I can't imagine our life without her now.      Since we have gotten Bella we have had many  people fall in love with her and want one.  So we have been giving them your web site in hopes that they may place an order.  Hope all is well with you and that you are having a great summer.  Take care.



Somebody is getting to be a big boy! Patti, getting a hug from  Kevin.

This is Sadie, a very lucky and very loved girl! She lives in Texas with Alexa and her family.


Nancy,- Wanted to let you know that I have referred my friend, Jill to you and she will be contacting you about getting a puppy. Also,sending you a picture of LUCY in my office....she is the "Initial Greeter"!!      She is doing great at 9 months and loved by SO many people!!

Hope you are doing well and passing on more and more of your wonderful puppies!

Best,  Joan


Nancy- Here's a picture from Sadie's 1st Birthday! Thank you for such a wonderful, loving dog! Breanna

Hi Nancy- I can't believe we have already had Brian for one month! He is so much fun - very playful and smart! Everyone he meets loves him (almost as much as he loves them)! Tonight the dog trainer is coming over for his first puppy obedience class. I am excited to see how he does! Thank you again for our special boy! —Abigail & Clancy

Nancy-I wanted to give you an update on the wonderful golden doodle puppy that I purchased from you in December. I can honestly not thank you enough for the wonderful gift that you have given me. Milo is doing so amazing! He is beyond smart, already trained and learning new tricks everyday. Everyone has fallen in love with him! My vet said that he is in perfect health which can be attributed to the great care and love that you put into your breeding. He is so big already and growing every day. His personality is so bright and bubbly, always bringing a smile to our faces. I've attached several photos of him and I hope they bring a smile to your face as well. Thank you so much.With gratitude, Alex

My husband and I purchased a female F1B Goldendoodle from Beyond Bliss Doodles in May 2013.  After extensive research and planning in 2012, we placed a deposit on a litter born in March 2013.  They were wonderful from our first experience to well beyond the day we purchased her.  Their home and breeding operation is immaculate and the animals well cared-for.  We received any and all information requested, including regular photos and videos of our "girl" and her progress.
    I guess the best testimony we can give is that we ordered another one- a male due for pick-up on December 14th (2013). We would have absolutely no reservations about recommending this breeder to  anyone interested in a wonderful family pet.  Their dogs are gorgeous with wonderful dispositions.

Alan & Christie

Hi Nancy -

Just wanted to send you a quick note about Sage. He truly is the sweetest and most wonderful puppy! He was so good on the drive home. He sat in my lap the whole way and didn't cry and he didn't get sick. We spent the whole weekend with him at home and so far he has been very good about being in his crate, especially at night. We had him out of the crate during the day most of the weekend because we were home with him, but we are starting to warm him up to spending some time in there throughout the day and he is doing wonderfully. Has only had 2 little accidents in the house and we caught him in the act both times and brought him outside, he is learning so quickly. He is such a sweet dog and it is clear that you put time into getting his training started off on the right foot. We are so grateful for that. We took him to the vet today and he did great :) We will take him to his first session of puppy kindergarten on Saturday. I will be sure to send you some photos down the road as he grows. Thank you again for everything!!!

- Ari and Jessica

Hi Nancy & Pat,

Hope you both are doing well. I wanted to send you Archer's neuter certificate. His procedure was done this past week by Dr. Charlebois.  He is recovering well. He just finished his last round of puppy shots and is up to 24 lbs. now!

We could not be more thrilled with Archer- he is intelligent, playful and a true joy o us.

We are so blessed to have him in our lives, thank you both so much!


Jessica & Chris

Girlfriends forever <3...... Love the way they are looking at each other :)

Dear Nancy and Pat,

I had to write to let you know how amazing this puppy, (Beatrice) is.  She took the 31/2 hour ride home beautifully.  My sister held her half the way then we switched so I could hold her.  She yipped about a half hour after we left your house so we stopped and she peed and pooped.  Then about two hours later another yipe and another successful pee stop.  After I dropped my sister off I had to put her in the crate.  She cried for a couple of minutes but settled down for the rest of the trip home. 

She sleeps in a crate next to my bed and lets me know when she needs to go out.  Last night she slept all night until about 5:30 this morning.

She has done great at my work place.  She is quiet, gentle, and keeps a good eye on me.  She now rides in the crate with out a peep.  She gets lots of attention and everyone loves her!  She is very active when she first wakes up after she eats so we run back and forth from front yard to back.  She chases the moths in the grass and listens quite intently to the birds.

She is smart as a whip.  She has learned to go up the steps to the porch, she comes when I call her, she knows the word "potty", she chases and returns a ball, she has learned to walk beside me instead of between my feet.

It is so much fun watching her learn new things.

I have found a vet who also believes in minimal vaccinations so I feel good about that.

Any way , enough about me bragging but I do think I have a very special pup!  Thank you for being such conscientious breeders.  I am convinced that this lovely pup is a result of your very special care.



Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how our puppy Maple is doing. In short, she's great! She smart (sometimes TOO smart!), obedient, sweet, and great with other dogs. She's just beginning to lose her puppy teeth now and has been incredibly good about only chewing on her own toys (and the occasional slipper!). Now that she has all her shots, we've been having fun showing her some new places. Her favorite is definitely the beach. She loves to dig in the sand and then stick her head in the hole she dug. Luckily, she realized that if she digs in the backyard she immediately gets a bath... and that was the end of digging in dirt. :)

Hope all is well with you and your family,


One of our precious mini Goldendoodles (above). Very happy in her furever home.


She (Riley) is such a beautiful dog. The kids just love her.She has adjusted perfectly. Thank you again for everything. We are very happy with her!

Lisa and family


Hi Nancy and Pat,

Fozzie had a great car ride home.   Shortly after we left your house we found a field, bonded, and tuckered Fozzie out.  He slept just about all the way home with just one potty break.

He's only had one accident in the house and that was our fault.  We waited too long to bring him out after a nap.  He's sleeping for a pretty long stretch at night.  I'm glad we're potty training now rather than the dead of winter.

He has had a busy couple of days meeting our Pug Gracie, my grandpup Lily, and family members who all want to see the new "baby."  He did very well and wasn't at all nervous or skittish.  I'm pretty sure he loves his new family as much as we have fallen in love with him.

Thanks and will keep in touch.

Pat and Kris


Otis in his new home with his new family. He is SOO loved!

Nancy .. he is seriously the best dog!!! He is so smart and so lovable, he loves to cuddle, he has NEVER chewed anything besides his toys (I swear). He is completely potty trained (for awhile now), he has slept from 11pm-10am since we've had him! (which is great since I work 3p-11p and Jesse works 7p-7a) he is completely crate trained (however we are laying in bed right now I'm thinking about letting him sleep with me tonight! Uh oh) I am truly so thankful I dont know how I survived without him for all these years! I just love him to death!! Thank you again (I'll be saying that for years to come)- Kait


Hi Nancy & Pat,

Thanks for the call.  Yes, we made it home just fine.  He was a great traveler. In fact, he was a bit of a celebrity, drawing lots of attention from fellow travelers.  He is still without a name, but we hope to rectify that by tomorrow or Saturday the latest!  Everyone is enjoying him, and he is adjusting well to his new home.  He has already had a nap in his crate with no issues.

Thanks again for everything.  I have attached a photo from our trip home.

We’ll be in touch…Susanne & Ron

Nancy, We LOVE Keebo and could not live without him!  Arthi & family

Hi Nancy and Pat,      I just wanted to tell you how happy Karl and I are with our doodles, Kalea and Mulligan. They are so well behaved and such a joy! We take them everywhere we can.     Mary

Pat and Nancy-It's only been three days and Brian is already the center of our universe.
He is perfect! The most wonderful combination of calm and curious.

And he is so smart!We just love him! Thank you so much for our special boy.

Hi Nancy-

Boy it's been a busy few weeks with Chewbacca, or Chewie as we call him.  What a wonderful puppy he is!  Thank you so much for offering such a great dog.  He's super smart and has been doing great with house training.  He took to crate training immediately and now treats it like his own room.  We start Puppy Obedience classes in another week.  I bet he'll be at the top of his class.  Chewie is a really sweet dog and everyone in the neighborhood stops by when we're out working on potty training.  He's great with kids and other dogs. He brings so much joy to my life:-). Here is a recent pic. He's grown a lot!  This is his most recent visit to the vet (doing great).  I know most of the families chose their dog based on favorite color.  I don't know if I told you but orange is one of my favorite colors! (he was orange collar boy)  I'm so glad he was the last one picked.  He's just the best dog ever! Meghan

Dear Pat & Nancy-    Just a quick update on our darling!

She is the smartest, cutest, sweetest, happiest and most

loving dog that we have ever experienced. We could not be

happier. We have moved up from our puppy class to "Foundations".

Annie is the youngest in the class. It took a while, but her 15 year

old brother is accepting and enjoying her. Thank you so much for quality

breeding and super socializing!         Sharon & Bob

Hi Nancy-It's been a few weeks and I wanted to send you an update on Elsa. She's now 13 weeks old and at her most recent vet visit last Friday, weighed in at 15.2 pounds -- the vet said she is super healthy and looks great! I'm attaching some recent pictures.I can't begin to thank you enough for such an amazing puppy. This is our first dog and we really weren't sure what to expect -- I can only say that sweet Elsa has surpassed all of our expectations and we love her so much! She lives for finding sticks in the yard and playing with her toys. Housetraining is going great...she sleeps from 10pm-6am without wakeups and has since about the third night we had her. She's pretty much accident-free during the day now (as long as I can anticipate when she's been playing too long and needs a break!)

It's amazing to see how much she adores everyone! Anyone who's come to our house as well as complete strangers who have stopped to greet her in public places are met with her furiously wagging tail and friendly licks. We can't get over what a calm, unflappable temperament she has, which is 100% credit to you and Pat and the effort you both put in to your breeding program as well as the socialization you do with the puppies while they're still at your home.

I did training with her at home before she could start puppy training classes (she just had her first one this past weekend) and she learns things so fast...she knows Sit, Lie Down, High-five, Come and Drop it (those last two only when she wants to and/or when she knows I have a good treat!), and she's quickly learning Stay. I think she definitely knows the word "Food," haha! She is so eager to please and nothing makes her happier than being around us. She is my constant companion working from home and loves to lie at my feet and nap while I work; I love being able to get outside and walk with her multiple times a day. She is not so sure about the huge cows that graze in the pasture beyond our backyard... ;-)

I have been raving about your puppies to anyone who will listen...we are so lucky to have Elsa as part of our family and we just couldn't ask for a better family dog. I'm so happy our daughter will grow up with her companionship. I will send you another update soon!



Hi Nancy
We are having a ball with Laci.  We changed the name from Luna.
She was totally house trained by 10 weeks.  She knows 5 commands and is so friendly.  I feel like I own a movie star.  We can't go anywhere without being stopped constantly.  Even cars pull over and ask about her.
Ty for breeding such an amazing animal. 
She is double weight and size at 11 weeks.
Hope all is well.


Nancy, I just wanted to write to you guys and tell you how thankful I am for everything you have done for Luna and I. She is the most wonderful dog and has quickly become the center of my universe. I can't believe how smart she is!! She is already playing fetch and she gets along great with other dogs. Crate training is definitely a work in progress but she has come leap and bounds since the first night. She is only waking up two times a night to go out and she doesn't cry anymore when we are going to bed. I crate her when I go to work and expected a mess on my hands yesterday at lunch.. But she held it!! She has absolutely blown my mind with her intelligence and calm nature. I can't thank you enough!! I will be keeping in touch!        Nikki

Hi Nancy & Pat, I wanted to let you know how much we love Bella! She is doing so great, and has made herself right at home. We went to the vet on Monday and we were told she is in perfect shape. She sleeps in her crate and is progressing nicely with housebreaking. She loves to play and loves to snuggle. Overall, the perfect pup! Thanks so much for everything!  Kate