Can we meet you at the Airport with your puppy?

Can we meet you at the Airport with your puppy?

Yes we can! We can meet you at the Watertown International Airport ART (Watertown, NY) with your puppy. Please check with us prior to booking your flight to be sure your flight timing works with our schedule too. You can pick up your puppy and fly back with your puppy in cabin with you! There’s no charge for this delivery service.  You will need to check with American Airlines to see what travel/carry-on bag is required for your puppy. We will give you the required Health Certificate and Health Records. Your puppy must be 8 weeks old to fly. If you prefer, you can also rent a car at the airport and drive back home with your puppy.

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We have puppies living in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Ohio, Georgia, Arizona, California, Kentucky, Virginia, Rhode Island, Iowa, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Alabama, Canada.

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