How Puppies Are Selected

How Puppies Are Selected:

We don't pick out your puppy 'for you' or allocate a puppy for you......Instead, in order to assure the BEST possible match between our puppies and their families, we approach puppy selection process by making it a JOINT effort, that INCLUDES our puppy families in the decision making. Ultimately, YOU get you choose but we help!! By spending a ton of  time, caring for and evaluating our puppies every day, from the time they are born until they go home, we see traits that would place them in the most appropriate home. We offer suggestions based on the preferences you are seeking in a puppy (personality, size, color, coat texture etc.), as well as what you tell us about your family, in order to help you make an informed decision. We as breeders know our puppies and our breed the best, so we feel it's important for us to work WITH families to choose the best puppy, rather than let a family choose based solely on emotions, ... like "this puppy likes me" (because they all like everyone, they're puppies and this is a happy breed!), or "that's the quiet one" (they are all quiet sometimes and they all get the 'puppy crazies' at other times!!). Or ....."I want the puppy to pick me" or "I want to pick the puppy that I feel a bond with" (the bonding process occurs with any puppy once he or she enters your home). Goldendoodles are such loyal, kind and loving dogs. They get along with all people and pets.

After the puppies are born, you will get newborn pictures and notification of the selection order, (based on the order of the applications/reservation fees received and gender you selected on your application), as well as the puppy selection day for the puppies. If the gender that you prefer is not available, you will have the option of choosing the other gender or moving your reservation fee forward to the next available litter opening. If there are not enough puppies born in the litter, you'll have the option of moving your reservation fee forward to the next available litter with an opening or receiving you reservation fee back. 

Per our vets orders, in order to protect our puppies, we are not able to allow visitors to view or interact with our puppies before they have been vaccinated and are ready to go home. In lieu of this, families receive newborn puppy pictures as well as new pictures and updates of the puppies progress at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age so you can follow them as they grow as well as ask any questions you my have along the way. Once they are 2 weeks old, each puppy will all be assigned a colored collar that they will wear until they go home so that you can easily identify them. Puppies cannot go home until 8 weeks of age. You must not visit another breeder, canine care facility, pet store or shelter on the same day that you come.

THE PUPPY SELECTION DAY: We let you know within a few days after they are born, when the "puppy selection day" will be. When the puppies are around 6 weeks old we send another detailed update that includes new pictures, video, their weights etc. By this time, we've had the opportunity to assess temperaments, sizes, coat types and individual personalities and believe me, we know our puppies better than anyone does! We then contact each family on the reservation fee list in the order received by gender, and are able to guide you and answer any questions you may have in order to help you make the best choice in selecting the puppy that best fits your families needs and preferences. Once your selection is made, we contact the next family in line and so on. If we don't hear back from you or cannot reach you for your decision within 24 hours, we will be happy to pick your puppy for you based on what we feel best meets your families needs and preferences. If you commit to a litter and change your mind on a puppy from that litter, you can move your reservation fee forward to the next available opening on our in line reservation list. Puppies go home at eight weeks of age.

We reserve the right to first pick from any litter and the right to refuse sale should we feel we are not able to meet the buyers needs or that buyer is not a good fit for one of our puppies. Should the sale be terminated by the Breeder, your reservation fee will be returned to you.

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