Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy:

We sometimes get asked “Do you allow people to come and visit?” This is not surprising given the number of ‘what to do when buying a puppy’ websites that advocate for visiting the breeder and meeting the puppy's parents first. The problem with these sites is that their priority is the buyer and not the health and safety of the puppies or the breeders. 

Per our Vets orders (whose directive we work under), in order keep our puppies (and your puppy) safe, we cannot allow visits before puppies have had their first vaccinations. And remember that our puppies are "home raised" – we don't have a "facility," .....this means that they are raised in rooms in our house (our bedrooms, living room, bathroom etc.). This means you can’t come to visit without also "visiting and touring" our home, other puppies we may have, their moms and our other dogs.

Safety of the Pups:

  1. Pups immune systems are very immature. Many unsuspecting visitors have brought disease (parvovirus, distemper, etc.) with them when visiting pups, the result of which is the death of the entire litter. I personally know several breeders that have lost entire litters to parvovirus brought in by visitors.
  2. Stressed Moms create stressed out pups. A new mother is emotionally charged and in hyper protective mode. When a stranger comes to visit, Mom becomes stressed causing her body create cortisol, which goes into the milk. The puppies consume this cortisol rich milk and become stressed themselves. Panicked Moms can hurt pups. Many Moms have unintentionally stepped on or crushed a puppy in their urgency to get out of the whelping box to assess the threat.
  3. I don’t ‘own’ the puppies. All the puppies are sold and belong to other families, I am simply the guardian. As such, I am entrusted with the care of the puppies for the first critical weeks of their lives. If one of the pups was yours, I’m certain you would expect me to do the same for your puppy too.
  4. People that email me are strangers. I don’t know anything about them other than the fact they emailed me with basic information about themselves and their family.
  5. Some people think visiting pups is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We have family activities, responsibilities and commitments. Inviting strangers into our home interferes with all of that.
  6. Raising puppies and dogs is a very demanding 24/7 job. Every minute spent with visitors is time not spent working with and caring for your puppy or enjoying and caring for our own dogs.

We thank you for your understanding that we will not ever jeopardize the health and safety of our puppies and we hope you see this as a positive quality of a reputable breeder.

Contact our vet to learn more about how our puppies are raised and cared for.

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